Leeds United Football Club

Mike Hennigan, Assistant Head Coach Leeds United

“On behalf of myself and Leeds United football club. As a top football coach at a club as big as Leeds I have seen many coaches and training methods over the years regarding strength and fitness. I have no hesitation in saying Mike Pratt is the best strength trainer I have come across.

His training techniques and motivational personality combined with his understanding of football led him to organising the clubs strength training programme and designing a brand new gym, which was a big investment for the club. He also made a great contribution to the majority of our first team players which is a huger responsibility and made an influential impact on the whole coaching structure in regards to strength and conditioning.

I see Mike as a World Class Asset for any footballer or athlete serious about improvement their physical ability, which in todays game is vital. His training methods and advice in my opinion are second to none for football, which I have seen proven on some top players in the game.”