Lee Johnstone International Road Race Super Bike Champion. (Riding Honda 2014-2015)

For me to be completely successful and reach my goals as a Super Bike rider, I new I had to put the work into my body as well as the bike. I was looking for someone at elite level who would understand my sport and the experience to get my body to the next level. Since working with Mike I have been in the best shape of my life, he has completely changed my whole body and attitude from where I started especially when I consider my injuries to my shoulder and leg from previous crashes.
The motivational aspect of working with Mike has also played a huge role and knowing I have him there as a mentor, gives me great confidence with his knowledge, personality and passion in wanting you to be at your very best physically and mentally. Trusting you have the best people around you is key when you want to be the best especially in my sport and I certainly have the best around me when it comes to Mike Pratt.