About Mike Pratt

Mike’s love for the gym and his colourful career has been a result of his own pursuit of improvement and self development physically and mentally. His drive to solve his own life imperfections and understanding of self, through the power of weight training and sports eventually lead to an obsession to help others .

Mike has 30 years of experience in sports, fitness and business. His personal journey started as a teenager when he joined his first gym at 16 years old to train to be stronger for sports. Unexpectedly he found a new passion for weight training and bodybuilding that resulted in him winning a jnr British bodybuilding title and placing 4th in the Mr Universe in Italy, in a short space of time.

He then moved from the UK to live in California at 22 years of age to fulfil a dream and an early ambition of training at the famous Golds Gym rubbing shoulders with the worlds best bodybuilders including his childhood hero the great Arnold Schwarzenegger. He soon realised that competitive bodybuilding was not for him but loved the training and lifestyle so much and became a personal trainer at the world famous Golds Gym in Santa Monica.

Three years later he returned back to the UK coaching fighters and athletes and quickly gained a reputation in the elite circles of sports through his no bull shit style of coaching, personality and energy at an unusually young age, which eventually lead to his first major coaching role as head of strength and conditioning  at Leeds United FC.

From that point Mike worked with and advised some of the world’s top sports stars and coaches including Olympic and World Champion athletes, Premiership Footballers, Rugby players and World Champion Boxers most of who are House hold names today.

Throughout his career he has been referred to as a world class strength and fitness coach by athletes and coaches he’s worked with, most famously one of the worlds most inspirational athletes and motivational speakers, Derek Redmond, 400m 2 time Olympian British, Commonwealth, European and World Champion Gold Medalist.

He has appeared in various publications including Ultra Fit, Muscle and Fitness and Athletics Weekly over the past 2 decades.

Mike has also built many companies and products over three decades and collaborated with various brands and companies , including Adidas where he was a consultant to the Adidas Performance Training systems.

Today Mike at 50 years old is passionate about sharing his passion, energy and experience from both his personal and proffesional life to help motivate and entertain the everyman no matter what their situation to be positive and built for life by building a strong body and mind.

Mike is also a huge supporter of Mental Health after his 30 year on and of relationship with anxiety and depression and wants to share his experiences of how it has effected his life and how he has used his training lifestyle and philoshopies as a tool to help him through the darkest times to help others.

He has eventually conceded its time to step out from the shadows into the new age of digital platforms to share his stories and insights form fitness, lifestyle and sports!

Mikes mission statement is simple:

Motivating people to be the best they can be